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Criminal Defense in Travis County

Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer for Travis County Cases

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Arrest and criminal charges can happen to almost anyone, especially in a large and varied metropolis like the Austin-Travis county area.  You may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, or falsely accused, or simply made a poor choice for which the legal consequences far outweigh the damage done.

Prosecutors and judges in Austin have a well deserved reputation for firmly prosecuting folks charged with criminal violations, and especially for seeking to impose a substantial amount of counseling, treatment and supervision on folks charged with crimes.  This simple fact makes it all the more important that if you are accused of a crime in Travis county you hire an attorney who has all the tools to fight on your side.

Why hire a Georgetown, Tx attorney to Defend a Travis county or Austin Federal charge?

The simple answer is that for some folks, hiring a Georgetown lawyer is more convenient for them and their lifestyle than hiring a lawyer in Austin.  Experienced Georgetown, Tx criminal defense attorney Russ Hunt, Jr. has been practicing in and around the Austin area for over 20 years.  In that time he has variously focused his practice on defending clients in McLennan, Williamson and Travis Counties.  He has forged relationships with prosecutors and judges in each jurisdiction, and has worked hard to understand the quirks of each specific jurisdiction in order to best serve his clients.  

Russ Knows How to Successfully Defend Travis County Cases

Travis county cases form a significant portion of Russ's caseload.  Russ attends court settings in Travis county multiple times per week, and maintains a satellite office in downtown Austin.  Russ has tried many jury trials in State and Federal courts in Austin, including capital murder, murder, aggravated robbery and drug distribution cases. 

Russ has even served as the president of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers' Association which represents Criminal Defense attorneys practicing in Travis county courts.

Georgetown is More Convenient for Many Clients for Many Reasons

Russ's clients have come from all over the Central Texas area, across the country and around the world.  

  • Many Austin-area folks, especially those who live in the North Austin, Wells Branch and Pflugerville areas in Travis county and are charged with crimes in Travis county prefer to meet with Russ at his easy to reach Georgetown office,
    • Traffic to Georgetown is usually not a problem, and it is easy to find the office and free to park,
    • Traffic entering downtown Austin is some of the worst in the nation, and the lawyer's office may or may not be easy to find or have adequate parking.  
  • Many clients who live in Williamson county communities like Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill or Taylor may simply live closer to Georgetown than central Austin.
  • Other clients may live north of the Austin area in places like Salado, Belton, Temple, Killeen or Waco.  A trip from their homes to Georgetown will save hours of total travel time for them each time they have to meet at the attorney's office, compared to traveling to central Austin to meet with a lawyer.
  • Other clients may live across the state or even outside the state or the country, and they have evaluated their options for representation and decided that Russ is the best lawyer for them.

Have you been charged with a crime in Travis county?

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Georgetown, Tx criminal defense attorney Russ Hunt Jr. has the experience necessary to defend you and protect your rights in state and federal courts in Austin, Tx.  By carefully examining the charges and evidence, he will work to dismiss, or reduce as much as possible, the charges that have been filed against you.

In some cases, an agreement cannot be reached between defendants and the prosecution, and the case is tried in court.  You can rest assured that Russ will dedicate his energies and experience to achieving  a successful trial outcome.  Russ has extensive experience in questioning witnesses, examining evidence, and making the necessary legal arguments for the best trial outcome for your situation.

If you prefer to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors, Russ will work to obtain reduced charges or a reduced sentence–but only after all the evidence is gathered, the case and allegations are investigated, and you and Russ have fully discussed the evidence and your options.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Georgetown or the Austin area, Russ can help.  Russ is a tough, experienced Georgetown, Tx criminal defense lawyer who has developed a reputation for experience and excellence. To learn if he can put his experience to work for you, please   contact  Russ today by returning the contact form or by calling 512-930-0860 .

Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

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You Are Not Alone

Criminal charges bring some of the toughest stress you'll ever deal with. In difficult times--and especially against the tough state and federal prosecutors in Williamson and Travis counties--you'll need an aggressive and determined advocate by your side. An accessible and dedicated ally, Russ tirelessly fights for your best possible outcome.

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