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Standing Between You And A Drug Charge Conviction

Facing drug charges in Texas can be a terrifying experience. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, they come with harsh potential consequences. The prosecution can pursue prison time, hefty fines, extensive inpatient or outpatient counseling requirements, and frequent drug testing, which can be especially difficult for those who are struggling with addiction.

When your future is uncertain, it is important to trust your case with an experienced defense attorney who is familiar with drug offenses. You will find an advocate you can trust at the Law Office of Russ Hunt, Jr. Russ has spent decades standing up for the accused. He can stand between you and the prosecution, working tirelessly to prevent a conviction and its many ramifications.

The Harsh Potential Impact Of A Drug Offense

It’s an unfortunate reality that our society takes a harsh stance on the possession, sale, cultivation or manufacture of certain substances. A conviction can have a ripple effect on all areas of your life. For example:

  • Potential employers may be hesitant to hire you if you have a drug conviction.
  • Landlords and others may discriminate against anyone who is perceived to be involved with drugs or who has a conviction on their record.
  • You could lose your driver’s license if you are convicted of a drug offense.
  • If you’re convicted of a felony offense, you can face added challenges – such as loss of your gun and voting rights – due to your status as a convicted felon.
  • Under some circumstances, a drug conviction can result in the loss of federal benefits for a number of years.

For these reasons and many others, it’s vital that you entrust your drug crime case to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Lawyer Russ Hunt can maximize your chances of getting a positive case outcome that keeps your rights, opportunities, freedoms and driving privileges intact.

During this stressful and scary time, you can rest assured that Russ has what it takes to fight your drug charges, whether the charges are with state prosecutors or you’ve found yourself in federal court.

Even if you are faced with overwhelming evidence against you, Russ will work with prosecutors and the courts to help you secure a more favorable plea deal or less severe penalties.

Drug Laws In Texas Are Confusing

There are many types of drug-related offenses in Texas. The main categories of offenses include:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manfucature or cultivation

At the federal level, another potential charge is conspiracy, which means an agreement to commit a drug trafficking offense. Russ has experience defending clients against all of these charges.

Get answers to common questions about drug crimes by visiting our FAQ page.

Classification Of Substances In Texas

Drug crimes also differ depending on the substance involved. The five groups of controlled substances in Texas are:

  • Group 1: This group includes heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, cocaine, methamphetamine, ketamine and GHB.
  • Group 1A: This group includes LSD (acid) and substances used to manufacture LSD.
  • Group 2: This group includes PCP, mescaline, MDMA (ecstasy), and “cannabis resinous extracts” such as hashish.
  • Group 3: This group includes Valium, Xanax and Ritalin.
  • Group 4: This group includes anything that contains pyrovalerone, buprenorphine, motofen or dionine.
  • Marijuana: THC is classified independently, although “cannabis resinous extracts” are classified separately in Group 2.

Russ has a proven record defending those accused of offenses in all of these categories.

Russ Will Protect Your Freedom

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Georgetown, Austin, or elsewhere in Central Texas, Russ can help. Russ is a tough and experienced defense lawyer who has developed a reputation for experience and excellence. Put his experience to work for you: please contact him via email or by phone at 512-551-1047.