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The Defense You Deserve When Facing High-Stakes Sex Offense Charges

Sex crimes carry much more weight than other types of criminal offenses. They come with a stigma that will follow you for the rest of your life. If you’re facing allegations of a sex offense – even if you haven’t yet been charged – now is the time to enlist a trusted attorney as your advocate.

At the Law Office of Russ Hunt, Jr., you will meet a proven defense lawyer who is capable of protecting your rights and reputation. He has almost 30 years of experience defending people against serious charges, including all manner of sex offenses. Based in Georgetown, he handles these cases across Central Texas.

When you work with Russ, you will benefit from his skill, experience and knowledge as a certified specialist in criminal law (certified through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization). Not many defense lawyers have those credentials.

What To Do If You’ve Been Accused Of A Sex Crime

Don’t waste time. The moment you discover you are under investigation for a sex crime of any kind, you need an attorney experienced in handling these tough cases.

A mere accusation, even if completely unfounded, can ruin your reputation. It can permanently harm your professional and personal life.

Russ can be your trusted and confidential adviser. He can strategize the most effective course of action to protect your rights and minimize the gravity of the potential consequences.

How Unsubstantiated Allegations Can Snowball, With Devastating Impact

Often, these cases are based solely on the unsubstantiated word of the alleged victim, with no evidence that corroborates the accusation. Once the accuser’s story has been told to investigators, the alleged victim will be under tremendous pressure to stick to their false allegations.

When accusations are made public, there is often a rush to judgment. Employers, spouses, friends, schools and even church members can become convinced of the guilt of a completely innocent person.

A Sex Crime Conviction Condemns You To A Lifetime Of Difficulty

In addition to the serious damage a single accusation can do to your reputation, a conviction can mean prison time and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. Convictions for sex crimes are extremely harsh in Texas and federal courts. Even when the punishment has been served, the offender will likely be forced to report and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life or at least for a decade following the completion of their sentence.

Don’t Incriminate Yourself – Don’t Talk To Investigators

There is one big mistake that many people make when facing allegations of sexual misconduct: trying to talk themselves out of it. You may think that refusing to talk to investigators is an admission of guilt, but in fact, it’s the opposite. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and exercising that right is the best way to protect yourself. By contrast, talking to investigators is almost certain to backfire and get you into deeper trouble.

Beware Of These Common Investigative Tactics

A sex crime investigation often begins with an attempt to get information from you. The investigator may accomplish this contact in various ways:

  • A “knock and talk” where the investigator just shows up at an accused person’s home or business, supposedly to discuss some information they have received.
  • A “controlled phone call” from the police station, where the accuser or other person will confront the accused with the charges to see whether the person denies or admits the charges.
  • An uncontrolled phone call where the police have the accuser or other person record phone calls with the accused in order to try and get him to incriminate himself

Any incriminating statements made voluntarily by a person not in custody will be used against them. This is true whether or not the person is aware that their statements are incriminating.

Far too many times, the accused in these situations ends up giving away information that doesn’t seem incriminating on the surface but actually plays a big role in their own conviction. Consider the following:

  • Admitting to having been in a certain location at a certain time may prevent you from later claiming an alibi defense.
  • Admitting to using a certain electronic device may allow the police to pinpoint that device’s location.
  • Admitting to having exclusive access to a certain device may enable police to seize that device and reconstruct your search history, determining exact timelines for when you were at a certain place.
  • Admitting to engaging in seemingly innocent activity like “accidental” touches will sound sinister when coupled with the allegations of sex crimes.

Investigators will always tell targets that they can “help themselves” by talking to the police. The truth is that they are usually only helping the police to build a case against them.

Highly Experienced In The Defense And Trial Of Sex Crimes

An allegation of a sexual offense must be defended like any other charge. Russ will work to ensure that all allegations and evidence are examined in full. He will work to get unfounded charges dropped.

Even when the government can prove a case, Russ will work tirelessly to find every angle for reducing the charges and the penalties.

Russ has handled a wide range of sex crime cases including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Child sexual molestation
  • Date rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Unlawful penetration or sodomy
  • Unlawful possession, manufacture or distribution of child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • Public indecency
  • Lewd acts
  • Failing to register as a sex offender

Russ handles these charges in both state and federal courts.

Get A Free, Confidential Consultation

Do not let a sexual allegation ruin your life. If you or someone you love has been charged with a sex crime, it is essential that you discuss the details of the case with an experienced defense attorney. Russ can advocate for you throughout the process. He is known for powerful, compassionate representation.

Russ offers free initial consultations, and they are always strictly confidential. Start protecting your future today: call 512-551-1047 or send Russ an email.