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Experience Matters

Review this listing of the entire jury trial history of Russ Hunt, Jr., including trials in state and federal courts in Williamson County, Travis County and across Central Texas to see that when a case must be taken to a jury, Russ will not shy away from a fight. The ultimate weapon in a criminal defense lawyer’s toolkit is the threat of taking your case to a jury. Ultimately, the vast majority of all cases are resolved without a trial. However, only a lawyer with enough trial experience to convince a prosecutor to reconsider his case can credibly use this threat to your advantage.

The savvy consumer should ask any lawyer he or she is considering how many cases that lawyer has taken to a jury trial. How often your lawyer is actually in a trial often translates directly into how credible a threat to try an individual case is.

Keep in mind that all of my trial experience is in DEFENDING those accused of a crime – I have never been a prosecutor whose role in trial is to CONVICT. Clearly, a prosecutor’s role in a trial is entirely different from that of a DEFENDER.

Jury Trials Experience (Names Removed To Protect Clients)

County Charge Cause Number First/Second Chair
01/26/2023 Williamson Murder – NOT GUILTY 19-0626-0011 Second
01/9/2023 Travis Capital murder D1DC21-904038 First
12/02/2021 McLennan Capital murder – NOT GUILTY 17-1853-C1 Second
03/09/2020 Travis Murder D1DC20-904002 First
06/17/2019 McLennan Capital murder 2017-832-C2 Second
03/04/2019 Travis Murder of local lawyer D1DC17-100116 First
04/08/2019 Travis Murder during robbery D1DC18-904056 First
05/14/2018 Travis Capital murder (serial) of 3 people in 2 separate incidents D1DC15-900075 First
10/16/2017 Travis Murder and aggravated assault of 4 people D1DC16-302091 First
10/2/2017 Travis Murder – Hung Jury D1DC15-302632 First
05/8/2017 Travis Aggravated robbery x 2 – NOT GUILTY D1DC17-904026 First
01/17/2017 USDC-Del Rio Marriage fraud conspiracy, mail fraud conspiracy DR16-CR819 First
06/20/2016 Travis Aggravated assault of a public servant, possession of a controlled substance, enhanced with a prior conviction D1DC15-203174 & 5 First
04/25/2016 Bell Capital murder, death penalty sought, hung jury on punishment, LIFE sentence imposed 73,250 First
10/26/2015 Travis Capital murder, murder x 4 D1DC14-100031 Second
07/27/2015 Travis Continuous aggravated sexual assault of a child, Super-aggravated sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child – HUNG JURY 7-5 D1DC14-300581 First
04/28/2014 Williamson Interference with an emergency call – NOT GUILTY 13-04289-1 First
02/18/2014 Travis Capital murder, death penalty sought D1DC12-201718 First
09/16/2014 Travis Capital murder D1DC11-100086 First
03/18/2013 Williamson (venue changed to San Angelo) Capital murder 11-1600-K368 First
12/4/2012 Williamson Aggravated assault – SBI (bench trial) 11-759-K26 First
05/04/2012 Hill Capital murder 36,466 First
03/12/2012 Williamson DWI – .21 blood test 10-03977-1 First
01/31/2012 Williamson Continuous family violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon 10-1235-K26 First
07/01/2011 Williamson Two counts of aggravated sexual assault, 12 counts of indecency with a child 10-1370-K368 First
06/06/2011 Travis Two defendants, felony murder, aggravated robbery (mistrial, hung jury) D1DC10-904072 First
11/15/2010 Austin Federal Robbery with a weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, felon in possession of a firearm, unregistered firearm 1:10-CR-185 First
11/1/2010 Williamson Aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 09-1083-K277 First
10/05/2010 Falls Capital murder in a penal institution 08-11-08627 Second
 07/26/2010 Williamson Felony DWI (habitual offender) 09-1304-K277 Second
05/24/10 Williamson DWI with a child passenger, evading in a motor vehicle 09-1713-K368 First
02/08/10 Williamson Assault on public servant x 2, evading in a motor vehicle, escape from custody, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (habitual offender) 09-264-K26 First
06/01/09 Travis Capital murder 07-204001 First
07/27/09 Travis Burglary of habitation 09-203694 Second
02/09/09 Williamson Meth manufacture 08-575-368 First
08/04/08 to 09/05/08 McLennan Capital murder, death penalty sought, punishment only retrial 1989-1036-C2 First
02/18/08 McLennan Capital murder 2006-1329-C2 First
02/11/08 Williamson POCS (habitual 25-life) 07-531-K368 Second
01/14/08 Williamson Arson of habitation (Habitual 25-life) 07-1132-K277 First
09/1/07 McLennan Capital murder (mistrial – HUNG JURY) 2006-1329-C2 First
04/05/07 Travis Murder Second
03/05/07 Travis Aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child (15 counts) 06-301791 First
02/12/07 Williamson Possession of precursor chemicals with intent to manufacture 06-1014-K368 First (mistrial granted)
01/8/07 USDC-Austin Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute A-06-CR-254 First (mistrial granted)
12/6/06 Travis Felon in possession of a firearm 06-200790 First
11/06/06 USDC-Austin Felon in possession, crack and marijuana possession with intent to distribute A-06-CR-148 First
08/14/06 Williamson Indecency with a child – 6 counts 05-307-K277 First
03/13/06 Williamson Felon in possession, marijuana 5-50 pounds, cocaine >4 grams, 05-624-K26, 05-892-K26 First
10/03/05 Williamson Aggravated assault, felon in possession of a firearm, evidence tampering, evading with a motor vehicle (habitual) (Bank Robbery – waived) 05-284-K277 First
04/08/05 Williamson Sexual assault x 2 03-798-K277 First
03/07/05 Williamson Murder 03-1063-K26 First
01/03/05 Williamson POCS with the intent to deliver 04-122-K368 First
12/15/04 USMC-Ft Hood Injury to a child W-04-533M First
12/01/04 Travis Murder Second
05/14/04 McLennan Capital murder, death penalty sought 2003-0270-C Second
03/02/04 USMC-Ft Hood Unlawful archaeological excavation W-03-627M First
12/08/03 Williamson Assault on a public servant 03-727-K26 First
11/18/03 Williamson POMJ 01-4780-3 First
06/16/03 USDC-Austin Manufacture of marijuana A-02-CR-266 First
11/18/02 USDC-Waco Possession of child pornography W-02-CR-111 First
11/12/02 Travis Delivery of controlled substance 9020365 (147th) First
10/21/02 Williamson POCS with the intent to deliver 02-190-K368 First
09/02/02 McLennan Capital Murder 2002-378-C Second
09/03/02 USDC-Waco Felon/fugitive in possession W02-CR-062 First
08/26/02 USDC-Waco Felon in possession W01-CR-168 First
08/12/02 Williamson ASA, indecency x 28 01-698,9-K26 First
07/09/02 Williamson Aggravated robbery 01-834-K277 First
04/15/02 Williamson Aggravated robbery 01-852-K368 First
04/01/02 Williamson Assault causing bodily injury, FV (enh) 02-190-K368 First
01/07/02 Williamson Escape from prison, UUMV (habitual) 01-1164-K368 First
10/15/01 Coryell Injury to a child 15,892, 15,893 First
04/23/01 USDC-Waco Capital murder Second
05/19/00 USDC-Waco Capital murder, two victims, death penalty sought W99-CR-70(2) Second
03/02/00 Williamson Sex assault/indecency 99-384-K26 First
11/23/99 USDC-Waco Crack possession with intent W-99-CR-082 First
11/19/99 McLennan Murder – injury to a child 98-442-C Second
10/21/99 McLennan Murder – manslaughter 98-830-C First
06/29/99 Williamson 6x EOCA (burglary of a habitation) 98-982-K368 First
06/23/99 Coryell Assault on a corrections officer 14,948 (52nd) First
06/18/99 Coryell Aggravated sex assault/indecency w/child 15,049 (52nd) First
10/22/98 McLennan Aggravated sex assault/aggravated kidnapping 97-631-C Second
02/18/98 Coryell Murder, attempted murder 14,529; 14,530 Second
01/26/98 McLennan Aggravated sex assault 97-16-C Second
12/10/97 McLennan Intoxication manslaughter 97-185-C Second
10/09/97 McLennan Attempted capital murder 96-778-C Second
04/03/97 McLennan Attempted capital murder 96-576-C Second
10/14/96 McLennan Aggravated sex assault 96-497-C Second
08/26/96 McLennan Aggravated assault with deadly weapon 96-105-C Second
04/03/97 McLennan Murder 95-324-C Second
12/04/95 McLennan Murder 94-888-C First
11/27/95 McLennan Aggravated sex assault 95-204-C Second
01/08/96 McLennan Murder 95-177-C Second
11/06/95 McLennan Aggravated assault with deadly weapon 95-331-C Second
07/25/1995 USDC-Waco Felon in possession of a firearm W94-CR-068 Second
09/25/95 USDC-Waco Marijuana distribution conspiracy W94-CR-083 Second
07/24/95 USDC-Waco Bank robbery W94-CR-097 Second
07/17/95 McLennan Aggravated robbery 95-77-C Second
07/10/95 McLennan Aggravated sex assault 95-785-C Second
06/26/95 USDC-Waco Felon in possession of a firearm W94-CR-122 Second
05/01/95 USDC-Waco Crack distribution conspiracy W93-CR-111 Second
02/13/95 McLennan Capital murder 94-247-C Second
01/30/95 Coryell Theft > 10,000 x 6 13,451; 13,452 Second
12/14/94 USDC-Waco Crack distribution conspiracy W93-CR-096 Second
11/3/1994 Coryell Capital murder, death penalty sought 13,374 (52nd) Third

When a case must be tried, skilled and seasoned Georgetown, Texas, criminal trial attorney Russ Hunt, Jr., provides a strong, vigorous and creative defense reinforced with experience, understanding and integrity. Click here to contact Russ.