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Where To Turn When You Find Yourself Facing Domestic Assault Charges

Relationships can be emotional, and all too frequently, arguments can get out of hand. Unfortunately, this sometimes means people get hurt. The police get called, and someone gets arrested, often with little investigation into what actually happened.

If you’re facing domestic assault charges in Central Texas, contact the Law Office of Russ Hunt, Jr.. Attorney Russ Hunt, Jr., is a criminal defense lawyer in the Georgetown area with almost 30 years of experience helping people fight criminal charges. Over the course of representing thousands of clients, he has gained the skills necessary for handling tough cases, including domestic assault. Additionally, he is a certified specialist in criminal law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction that not many lawyers hold. If you want peace of mind knowing your case, your rights, your freedom and your future are all in good hands, work with Russ.

Take a look at some of Russ’s many successes in criminal cases.

The Complexity Of Domestic Abuse Accusations

Cases of domestic abuse are rarely clear-cut. Many people find themselves in court because of a misunderstanding. Domestic abuse cases are often complex, and in most cases, one person is not solely to blame.

Texas prosecutors and police receive extensive training in domestic violence issues. Prosecutor’s offices have special victim outreach personnel whose job is to provide people who complain of domestic violence with government services and to convince them that they should cooperate in putting the alleged abusers behind bars. Russ knows how to challenge the prosecution and cast doubt on the government’s evidence, including their witness testimony. He understands what it takes to build a strong defense in domestic assault cases.

Making Sure You Get A Fair Shot

Many of Russ’s clients have never been arrested or faced serious charges before. He understands that you may be confused, stressed and unsure of how the situation erupted in the first place. You can trust that Russ knows how to stand up for you, especially with regard to police, prosecutors, judges and juries. He has effective strategies for dispelling bias or prejudice against you and ensuring that you’re treated fairly.

Get A Lawyer Who Is Determined To Protect You

Russ is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients. If you or someone you love has been charged with domestic abuse, reach out to Russ to discuss your case during a free, confidential consultation. Call 512-551-1047 to get started.