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The Right Lawyer To Make A Difference In Your Homicide Or Murder Case

Homicide charges can derail your entire life. When dealing with these charges, your life may be literally on the line. You could face a significant prison sentence or even the death penalty.

Your attorney can make a big impact on the outcome of your case. It’s important to choose wisely.

At the Law Office of Russ Hunt, Jr., you can rest assured that you have made the right decision. For nearly 30 years, lawyer Russ Hunt, Jr., has fought for the accused in criminal proceedings. He knows all of the intricacies of Texas homicide law. He understands the state and federal court systems inside and out. He has gone above and beyond the legal training most lawyers receive and obtained board certification in criminal law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Put simply, he is the right attorney to handle the toughest cases.

Homicide Charges 101

There are multiple types of homicide charges under state and federal law. At the state level, they include:

  • Criminally negligent homicide, which involves a death that occurred because of someone’s negligence
  • Manslaughter, which involves reckless behavior that causes a death
  • Murder, which involves intentionally and knowingly taking someone’s life or causing someone’s death during the course of committing certain felonies.
  • Capital murder, which can involve multiple scenarios such as killing a child, killing by arson, killing a police officer, committing multiple murders and killing while committing certain other crimes.

A solid strategy is essential for defending against any of these charges. Attorney Hunt will look at every detail of your case to find the strongest grounds for your defense.

Get Started On Your Homicide Or Murder Defense

Given the severity of these cases, you need a lawyer to start working on your defense as soon as possible. You can’t go wrong with attorney Russ Hunt.

Start today with a free consultation by calling 512-551-1047 or sending him an email. Based in Georgetown, he has vast experience handling murder cases throughout Central Texas, and he regularly makes jail visits to meet with incarcerated clients.