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The client found himself repeatedly arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. When I was hired in 2015, he had two pending marijuana cases. By the time we finished with all of his cases in 2018, he had accumulated arrests for three marijuana cases and one misdemeanor POCS case in Williamson County in three separate incidents.

In the midst of his troubles in Williamson County, he was also arrested for a marijuana-only DWI with an accident in Travis County. The accident was probably not his fault, and despite the blood test results showing THC in his bloodstream, he looked rock-solid on the police videotape.

When the client’s mother hired me, she was terrified that he was going to have to serve months of time in jail!

The client was not a hopeless case or a hardened criminal or drug user – he was a very hardworking, valuable and conscientious employee at his company. Hence, it was very important to him and his boss that he did not spend a long time in jail for fear of losing his job and harming the company. He was willing to do several things that helped us to work out his case – he took several drug and alcohol counseling classes and went to the MADD victim impact session prior to our having to dispose of his cases.

The ultimate outcome for these five cases was very favorable to him. It will enable him to keep his job, and he will only have to serve a few days in jail.

Williamson County: client pleaded to time served for one MJ and one POCS case, and the state dismissed the other 2 MJ cases. In other words, he did not do a single additional day in jail other than the time he had already spent when he was first arrested.

Travis County: client did not want probation, so we were able to convince the state to offer 15 days of jail for the reduced offense of obstructing a highway or passageway, and the state dismissed the DWI case. This is a great outcome because, with his time credit, he will only have to serve between three and five days in jail, and will not have to pay surcharges or get a new license suspension for a DWI conviction, and will not have any of the other collateral consequences of a DWI conviction.

This case is a great example of how hard work by a good lawyer combined with a client willing to perform some rehabilitation tasks up front can result in an excellent outcome even in what might seem like a hopeless situation!

Court: Travis CC8, Williamson CC2