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Defending Against Assault Charges

Tough Texas prosecutors place a big emphasis on going after assault charges. They consider these and other violent offenses to be a top priority.

If you’re facing assault charges, the Law Office of Russ Hunt, Jr., can provide the tough and effective defense you deserve. Lawyer Russ Hunt, Jr., has spent nearly three decades helping people who have been charged with serious crimes, including all types of assault. He understands the unique challenges faced by people in this situation and the concerns you may have.

An attorney who knows the ins and outs of Texas assault law: As a board-certified specialist in criminal law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Russ has the skill and training it takes to fight assault charges. He routinely handles misdemeanor assaults, felony cases and domestic violence cases.

Why A Good Defense Lawyer Is So Important In Assault Cases

If you’re facing assault charges of any kind, it’s important to know that a lot is at stake. A conviction will impact you in many ways. It will make it difficult for you to get a job or housing. It can limit your educational opportunities and permanently take away your gun rights.

You may have thought that once the sentence was served, the punishment was over. In reality, the harsh consequences of an assault conviction can affect you long after you have served time or completed probation for the offense, having a lasting impact that continues for the rest of your life. The results of an assault conviction can have a disastrous effect on your life, making it all the more important to hire a proven attorney like Russ Hunt.

Taking Your Story Seriously

In assault cases, the police have very limited insight into what actually happened. From the moment they arrive on the scene, their goal is to defuse the situation, make an arrest and move on to the next situation. As a result, they frequently believe the story of either the first person to tell them what happened or the person with the more serious injuries.

This is particularly true in a large town like Austin, where the police are pressured to close cases quickly and move on to the next situation. They don’t have time to sort out conflicting claims or get to the bottom of a complicated situation. Instead, the quickest way for them to defuse a situation is to decide who is the “bad guy” and take that person to jail.

Russ knows that just because a person gets to the police first or just because a person lost a fight does not make their story more true than anyone else’s. He will listen to your side of the story and take your story seriously. Then, he will take a right legal action to protect you from the consequences of a conviction, whether that means going to trial or negotiating a better plea bargain.

Russ investigates every assault case with an eye toward getting his clients out of a tough situation so they can move on with their lives. When you work with him, you can trust that he will work hard to fight for your rights and freedoms.

How Russ Can Help

If you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony assault, you may be confused and worried. You may be unsure of how the situation escalated to the point where your freedom is now on the line. You may be wondering how you ended up stuck with the blame when personal problems, alcoholism, drugs or financial issues were involved.

Attorney Russ Hunt, Jr., knows what it takes to defend you against accusations of a violent crime. He will work hard to dismiss or reduce such charges after a thorough review of all evidence and circumstances. In some cases, anger management or drug/alcohol abuse courses are often preferable to prison time, and Russ will seek these types of alternatives to a more serious sentence whenever appropriate.

Talk To Russ About Your Options | Free Consultation

If you or someone you love has been charged with the crime of assault, Russ can help. For over 25 years, Russ has been providing clients with compassionate and vigorous legal representation, and he can do the same for you. Contact him through a quick online contact form or by phone at 512-551-1047 to arrange a free and confidential consultation.