Strong, Straightforward, Secure Criminal Defense.

Fear, uncertainty, confusion.

Responding to a criminal accusation requires that you have a strong lawyer to fight for your side...someone who has the experience and understanding to help clear away the confusion...someone who can cut to the heart of a complex situation and devise a straightforward solution...someone to remove the fear of not knowing what will happen next.

Russ Hunt Jr. has the experience, understanding and ability to help you deal with any criminal accusation and will work to help you reach the best possible outcome for your situation.

Trial Experience Matters.

Experience and ability in trial are, quite simply, the ultimate tools for defending those accused of wrongdoing. The ability to effectively try any type of criminal case is central to the work and skills of a criminal defender, whether a case actually goes to trial or not. This ability sets the best criminal lawyers apart from others who cannot or will not use this most important tool in the defender's toolkit. Your choice of lawyer and what that lawyer is able to do in the courtroom heavily impacts the range of outcomes that will be available in your case.

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