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Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney for Travis County Cases

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Georgetown, TX

Relationships can be emotional, and all too frequently, arguments can get out of hand. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that people get hurt.

Cases of domestic abuse are rarely clear-cut, and many people find themselves in court because of a misunderstanding.

Prosecutors in Travis county and throughout Central Texas place great emphasis on prosecuting cases of domestic violence.  The prosecutors and police receive extensive training in domestic violence issues, and the prosecutor's offices have special victim outreach personnel whose job is to provide people who complain of domestic violence with government services and to convince them that they should cooperate with the prosecution of their alleged abusers.

Georgetown, Tx domestic abuse defense lawyer Russell D. Hunt, Jr. is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients. If you or someone you love has been charged with domestic abuse, Russell would like to discuss your case with you in detail. Please contact us today by calling

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At the Law Office of Russell D. Hunt, Jr., we handle a wide variety of domestic-abuse cases, including people who have never faced criminal charges before.  We understand that you may be confused, concerned, and unsure of how the situation erupted in the first place.

Domestic abuse cases are often complex, and in most cases, one person is not solely to blame.

Russ is a dedicated Georgetown domestic abuse defense attorney and he works with his clients to build a strong defense.  While it is true that police, prosecutors and juries may be biased against those charged with domestic abuse, we know what it takes to create a strong, nuanced defense.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with domestic abuse, it can be very beneficial to discuss your case in detail with an experienced defense attorney like Georgetown, Tx domestic abuse defense lawyer Russ Hunt Jr.

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Criminal charges bring some of the toughest stress you'll ever deal with. In difficult times--and especially against the tough state and federal prosecutors in Williamson and Travis counties--you'll need an aggressive and determined advocate by your side. An accessible and dedicated ally, Russ tirelessly fights for your best possible outcome.

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