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Continuing Legal Education

Georgetown, TX Attorney Russ Hunt Jr's Extensive Continuing Legal Education

The importance of continuing legal education to the criminal lawyer cannot be overstated. Criminal laws are regularly updated and modified, and court cases modifying or refining our understanding of those laws are released every day.

Knowing the law is a necessary precondition to obtaining the best possible outcome in a criminal matter. Additionally, leading practitioners present CLE courses on new approaches and techniques which are designed to help the attorney reach better outcomes for his client.

When evaluating a criminal defense lawyer, consider not just the education he may have had 20 years ago; consider what type of education he's had since then to help you win your particular case. Listed below are the attendance records for the courses I have attended and taught for the last several years.

CLE 2018


Course Title Credit Hours
8/6/2018 Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensic Training: Train the Trainers 5.75
8/2/2018 Actual Innocence for Lawyers 10.25
7/26/2018 Gay and Trans Panic Defenses 1.5
4/26/2018 Texas Lawyer's Creed 2.0
4/19/2018 Federal Practice Seminar 2.0
3/20/2018 Capital Defense College: A Program for the Defense 4.5
3/2/2018 Marijuana-only DWI's 1.5
2/9/2018 Veteran's Justice Clinic 6.75
1/22/2018 Immigration issues in Criminal Cases 6.0

CLE 2017


Course Title Credit Hours
12/21/2017 Developing and Presenting Addiction as a Mitigating 1.25
12/01/2017 Neuro-Science of Psychopathy 1.25
9/5/2017 Advanced Criminal Seminar 23.5
5/5/2017 10th Annual DWI Defense Project 8.0
8/31/2017 Capital Murder Symposium–A Practical Approach 7.5
5/5/2017 10th Annual DWI Defense Project 8.0
3/31/2017 Blood alcohol collection and testing 1.25
3/24/2017 Custodial Interrogation in criminal cases 1.25
3/23/2017 Teaching: Pretrial Motions Practice at Bell County Bar Association Annual CLE 1.5
3/17/2017 Understanding Immigration Detection and Detention 1.50
3/3/2017 Reasonable Suspicion in Criminal Cases 1.25
3/31/2017 Blood alcohol collection and testing 1.25
2/24/2017 Choosing the right expert in your criminal case 1.25
12/21/2016 How Does Immigration Law Affect Your Client? 2.0
12/21/2016 Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Your Clients 1.5

CLE 2016


Course Title Credit Hours
10/21/2016 Capital Murder Symposium–A Practical Approach 7.5
10/7/2016 A Study in Innocence: The Anthony Graves Case 1.25
4/1/2016 Spring 2016 CLE–Williamson County Bar Association 7.0
3/18/2016 Mental Competency 1.0
10/17/2015 ACDLA ODL and IID's update 1.5

CLE 2015


Course Title Credit Hours
12/11/2015 Cross-Examination and Impeachment 13.5
9/29/2015 2015 Legislative Update 2.0
9/25/2015 CAPDS-Trial Advocacy 7.0
9/25/2015 Prosecuting the Prosecutor for Brady Violations 1.25
8/24/2015 ACDLA-Trial Advocacy Training 3.75
8/21/2105 ACDLA-Trial Advocacy with Keith Belzer 7.25
8/1/2015-8/6/2015 Bryan R. Shechmeister Death Penalty College, Santa Clara, California 34.50
5/15/2015 American Death Penalty, past present and future 1.25
3/27/2015 Cross Examination and the applicable Rules of Evidence in a criminal trial 1.25
3/17/2015 Drifting in Two Worlds: Immigration Law and Criminal Defense 2.00
3/13/2015 Criminal Commitment to Civil Commitment, an Overview of Mental Health Issues in Criminal Cases 1.50
3/6/2015 Collateral Consequences to Professional licenses upon criminal conviction 1.25
2/27/2015 Defense of Famiy Violence cases 1.25
2/20/2015 Ake Motions and other ethical requirements in indigent cases 1.25
1/23/2015 ACDLA Friday Seminar-DWI blood draw case law update 1.25
11/27/2014 Best of Sex/Drugs and Surveillance 2014 3.75

CLE 2014


Course Title Credit Hours
9/1/2014 Maintaining Competence Stress Avoidance // 5th Circuit 2.50
10/19/2014 Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege in

Cross-Border Matters

09/26/2014 Fall CLE-Wiliamson County Bar 3.50
09/12/2014 ACDLA Friday Seminar – Criminal


08/22/2014 ACDLA Capital Voir Dire & Mitigation


05/09/2014 Actual Innocence: Establishing

Innocence or Guilt

04/25/2014 Forensics/Technology 6.00
04/04/2014 Cross Examination 1.25
03/25/2014 Jury Selection 1.25
01/28/2014 Effective Time Tracking for Criminal

Defense Attorneys


CLE 2013


Course Title Credit Hours
10/22/2013 Why and How You Should Do Pro Bono 0.50
10/22/2013 Stand your Ground and the Use of Deadly Force in Texas 1.00
10/22/2013 2013 Legislative Update 1.00
10/15/2013 ACDLA Monthly Meeting: Effective Negotiations 1.50
07/26/2013 Best of Best: Capital Murder Seminar 5.50
02/06/2013 Capital Case Litigators Initiative 20.25

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