DWI and Drunk Driving

Georgetown Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

It is frightening to face the reality of DUI or DWI charges.  So much of your life is at stake: your freedom, your driving privileges–even your future.  In some cases, you may even lose your job and damage your reputation if you are convicted.

Drunk driving charges have serious consequences and require serious legal representation. Georgetown DWI Defense Attorney Russ Hunt, Jr. focuses on defending people who have been charged with DUI and DWI offenses.  He knows what it takes to protect the your rights, and stands ready to help you with DWI and DUI allegations.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI or a DWI in Georgetown or the Austin area, attorney Russ Hunt, Jr. can help.  Russ is a tough, experienced Georgetown drunk driving lawyer who has developed a reputation for effective, vigorous representation.  To find out how he can help you, please contact  Russ today by calling 512-930-0860.