Williamson county to pay DPS $112,525.52 to speed testing

Williamson county has come up with an interesting method to speed forensic blood and drug testing–in FY 2015 they will pay the Department of Public Safety lab to hire two employees who are supposed to expedite the return of blood and drug testing.  

It has been obvious for some time that the DPS lab is grossly understaffed, judging by the very long turnaround times for lab testing.  It has not been unusual for drug or blood testing to take the DPS lab six months or more.  The new contract is supposed to guarantee that lab test results will be delivered within 30-days.

As long as the new push for speed does not lead to corner-cutting or sloppy results, it will certainly be a welcome development to see forensic testing done more quickly.  

Williamson county impact story

Williamson County Attorney Discovery via Email

The Williamson county attorney's office has started providing discovery of offense reports by pdf email delivery.

This feature is very useful as it enables faster receipt of the information necessary to evaluate and prepare a defense for our clients.

Another very important benefit to electronic delivery is that it enables us to forward the reports to our clients for their own review.

I have had clients in the past who told me that they were not interested in reviewing the offense report in their case, which I have always found to be extremely puzzling.  The first step in defending a criminal accusation is knowing exactly what the accusation is.

My perspective is that the more pairs of eyes we have evaluating the Government's case, the more likely we are to discover information that will be useful in fairly evaluating our defense.

I salute the Williamson county attorney's office for this eminently reasonable approach to discovery provision and I hope that it will prove to save their office valuable resources and staff time as I am sure it will do the same for mine.